Mountain Rail Routes

There Are 3 Stations/Depots


New Tygart Flyer – A very comfortable, climate-controlled excursion that features two separate mountain grades, an “S” curve tunnel, passage into a 1,500 feet deep canyon with steep, densely forested slopes, and a high bridge over the meandering Shavers Fork of the Cheat River.


Castaway Caboose – overnight rental where you will be “cast away” at one of two remote settings.


The Cass Scenic Railroad is the same line built in 1901 to haul lumber to the mill in Cass. Cass is the home to the world’s largest fleet of geared Shay locomotives. Six Shays, one Heisler and one Climax reside here. A steam engine trip takes you to Whittaker Station, Bald Knob, or Durbin.

Whittaker – Two-hour Whittaker Station Ride

Bald Knob – Popular Mountaintop Excursion (4.5 Hours)

Greenbrier Express – New 5.5-Hour Ride from Cass to the town of Durbin